Calgary has so much potential.

We need the right leadership to get us there.



We need to help our businesses, city and economy thrive.

This means adapting or eliminating inefficient City policies and practices that deter investment, slow innovation, and limit our growth potential. Calgary needs to be competitive and focus on initiatives that encourage new investment in Calgary through job creation, economic diversification and community improvements. We need to support our small and medium sized businesses.

We need to focus on Calgary’s property tax problem. Council needs to work with the provincial government to make reforming the residential and commercial property tax programs a priority. Taxes need to be a sustainable source of City operating cost funding, while not placing an unreasonable burden on homeowners and businesses. We need to find innovative revenue solutions to fund the services Calgarians need, while continuing to look for efficiencies in the operation and implementation of those services.

We must invest in our future.

Calgary needs to be adaptable. This means having scalable and sustainable growth plans including appropriate climate resiliency strategies. This means investing in programs and projects with a forecasted positive return on investment (economic and social) for the City, our communities and Calgarians. These plans must be balanced in both established areas and new communities and should include creating complete communities, finding cost-effective ways to re-invest in aging neighbourhoods and protecting key heritage assets.

We must proactively plan and build critical projects like the Green Line and the Downtown Strategy. It is important we ensure these projects are well managed and done within budget. For both projects, we must continue to involve stakeholders throughout the process, in a meaningful way.

The Green Line is one of the largest capital projects the City has undertaken. It will create over 20,000 jobs while connecting communities and Calgarians. It also supports a longer term vision of a well planned city with thriving neighbourhoods, multiple business districts and new investment. It has had its challenges moving forward - and we need to get it back to a place where it has the best opportunity to succeed - financially and operationally.

The Downtown Strategy is also important. It should be balanced and forward thinking. It needs to include an effective strategy for attracting businesses to Calgary that leverage the oil and gas industry that we have built up here, while also addressing diversification needs. While a healthy downtown is critical, we need to also ensure that in implementing the proposed plan, we are not adversely affecting business elsewhere in the city. We need the Downtown Plan to be both visionary and achievable,  demonstrating a return on investment for the city as a whole.

Projects like these will serve the needs of Calgarians today while also making sure future Calgary has the infrastructure, stability, and amenities it needs to succeed.

Calgarians need to love where they live and work.

We need to be a city where residents feel like they belong. Calgary needs to be accessible, inclusive, affordable, and safe. More diverse housing choices increase the livability of a community. It is important that all Calgarians can find housing suitable to them throughout the different stages of their lives, regardless of where they live in the city. To keep our communities vibrant, we also need to make sure we have multiple ways for people to safely and efficiently get around the city – whether that means four wheels, two wheels or two feet.

We also need to be a city where businesses thrive. Businesses should find Calgary reasonably affordable to open, operate and/or grow in. We need to have amenities that attract and retain a strong workforce including: arts, restaurants, entertainment and recreational opportunities.

We need to bring greater transparency and accountability to council, and earn the trust of Calgarians.

Why trust me as your next Ward 11 councillor?

Here's what I bring to the role:

  • 20+ years of business and leadership experience
  • Demonstrated results in increasing organizational effectiveness and employee engagement, increasing profitability
  • Working knowledge of city processes and policies as well as municipal legislation
  • Strong communication skills
  • A background and understanding of multiple industries including both for profits and not-for-profit organizations
  • Experience in project management including managing budgets, timelines and deliverables
  • Demonstrated success as both a team leader and team player
  • Strong work ethic and a can-do attitude
  • I do what is right, not what is easy
  • Commitment to public service, advocacy and volunteerism
  • Sense of humour

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On October 18, 2021 Vote Lauren Herschel for Ward 11 City Council