The first 90 days

To be successful in the role of Ward 11 City Councillor, I will need to hit the ground running, with an initial plan in mind. The first 90 days in any new role are critical. We establish a lot of first impressions, learn the lay of the land while beginning to roll up our sleeves and get to work. For me, it is important to have specific goals for the first few months, and lay the groundwork to start making improvements for the ward and the city.

Here are 11 things I commit to doing in my first 90 days on City Council

  1. Meet one on one with each member of council and key administration department leaders to understand their priorities, what motivates them, and what challenges they might be facing.
  2. Create community based task force groups for seniors, small businesses and youth to better understand the issues and opportunities they have.
  3. Connect with the all theboards of Ward 11 community associations.
  4.  Do a deep dive into the budget materials to help make a data-based informed decision that delivers the best value for Calgarians ahead of the traditional November council budget review and approval.
  5. Establish a plan for community engagement opportunities in Ward 11 including town halls, seniors/youth/small business working groups, and community connection events.
  6. Do a comprehensive review of safety issues throughout Ward 11 and determine the status of addressing those issues. Identify obstacles to fixing problem areas, and develop strategies to set community safety goals for the ward.
  7. Work with City of Calgary planning and development to understand their current plans to streamline processes, reduce land-use bylaws and address issues with the Growth Management Overlay system. Work with stakeholders to better understand what they need from the processes (community, investors, etc).
  8. Work with Calgary Transit to get a comprehensive overview of how transit is being used in Ward 11 and identify gaps in service, particularly for seniors.
  9. Hold at least one public event for Ward 11 residents to ensure I hear from all individuals on what issues matter most to them
  10. Learn and evaluate the snow clearing processes for Ward 11 to identify gaps in service most affecting residents.
  11. Meet with key leaders and representatives from Tsuut'ina Nation and the Taza Development to understand plans and projects moving forward, and how to best be good neighbours.

Our next council is going to be very new - lots of new faces and fresh ideas, but also a lot of learning to do. There will be bumps along the way, but having a plan to guide my work will ensure that I can begin delivering for Ward 11 residents and businesses as soon as possible.