Action Plan

  1. Improve information and data sharing with Calgarians on issues, policies and processes, so we can create real engagement with residents. Make sure Calgarians have the access to what they need to make informed choices, and the platform to have their voices heard.
  2. Develop policies and programs that promote inclusion (including accessibility) at City facilities, in housing and neighbourhoods, in economic development, city services, and fiscal policy. This will lead to long-term success of our residents and Calgary as a whole.
  3. Enhance community engagement and transparency with the Ward 11 councillor's office, the City and on issues/projects that affect all or portions of the ward.
  4. Be a councillor that acknowledges and represents the concerns and experiences of residents and business owners.
  5. A council that can effectively work together to find solutions to our current economic and social challenges while being accountable to all Calgarians.
  6. Implement a zero tolerance policy for unethical actions from council including misuse of expenses and the deliberate spread of misinformation to the media/public
  7. Support term limits (3 terms maximum)
  8. Be a positive productive voice and ally for all Ward 11 residents.
  9. Be non-partisan
  10. Work with administration to develop better project management practices for capital projects

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