Affordability Headline

The affordability priority looks at two key principles - can people reasonably afford to live in Calgary and can businesses reasonably afford to open, operate and/or grow here.

Housing affordability

People at all income levels should have access to stable housing. Housing affordability attract and retains a diverse workforce, makes Calgary a more competitive city and improves the livability of our communities city-wide. Affordability addresses the whole housing ecosystem - from emergency shelter and subsidized housing to market housing across all price points and includes rentals as well as owner occupied homes. Housing affordability is primarily focused on the basic cost of housing, but can also be affected by property taxes, services, utilities and other fees.

Housing Affordability Action Plan

  1. Ensure our planning policies AND practices support a variety of housing choices for consumers across Calgary.
  2. Review and adapt policies that may be presenting unnecessary barriers to adding appropriate density, especially in established areas.
  3. Work towards all Ward 11 communities in Calgary having the ability to have a variety of affordable housing options including options for seniors to age in place in or near their current communities. (Read more here)
  4. Ensure City policies and practices allow for a sustainable and scalable growth plan across the city with an emphasis on ensuring communities have the amenities needed. Amend policies that may limit innovation and adoption of energy efficient technologies/processes/materials in the homebuilding industry.
  5. Reduce red tape and administrative inefficiencies that unnecessarily delay or limit projects.

Business affordability

Calgary is well positioned from a location and talent perspective to be one of the best places in North America to start a business, relocate a business to and/or grow a business. Calgary has one of the highest educated workforces and an entrepreneurial spirit. It is important that Calgary is seen locally, provincially, nationally, and global as a competitive city, and a great place to do business.

Business Affordability Action Plan

  1. Review commercial land use requirements to ensure they are not over prescriptive. Evaluate success of any land-use reform pilots and implement change to policies quickly if pilots show a process improvement.
  2. Work with the provincial government to make reforming the residential and commercial property tax programs a priority so that taxes are not an unreasonable burden on businesses - commercial, retail and industrial.
  3. Improve Calgary's reputation so that we are seen as "business friendly" across sectors.
  4. Review and update any fees businesses pay to do business in and with the city that may be hindering innovation, growth and/or investment
  5. Continue to work with industries to streamline municipal processes and policies to support investment, growth and a competitive market


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