Disclosure of Donors

Transparency is important to me. My donors are listed below. This list will be updated at least weekly between now and Election Day (October 18, 2021). If you have questions, please reach out.

Thank you for your support.


Myke Atkinson

Krista Beavis

Paul Boskovich

James Bremner

Randy Coutts

Mike Delaney

Carrie Dickinson

Ethne Dickinson

Robert Dickinson

Glenn Finockio

Karen Gallagher-Burt

Janette Gerow

Lesley Halstead

Darcie Harding

Nathan Hawryluk

Alicia Hope-Ross

Janet E. Hutchinson

Derek Jassman

Cheryl Jessamine

Dina Jug

Julie Kearns

Roberta Kuzyk-Burton

Lindsey Lam

Sarah Lerner

Ken Lima-Coelho

Jen Little

Gerri Marcine

Moraig McCabe

Dave Morrison

Carmen O’Callaghan

Breanne O’Reilly

Barry Pendergast

Jennifer Peterson

Jane Robarts

James Robertson

Jack Rapowski

Natalie Sanders

Lonnie Taylor

Lorraine Townsend

Fiona Wren

Aleksandar Samardzija

John Smiley

Alexander Szczuczko

Iain Stewart

Joyce Van Deurzen

Carl Wettstein

Cydney Yaremko



Collin Campbell

Bob Faktor

Brett Friesen

A Grams

Michelle Jones

Lori Masse

Sanders Lee

Richard Lobsinger

Kathryn Oberg

Sara Peden

Michaela Ritchie

Josh Traptow

Ryan Tse

Helen Turbett

Mark Zivot


Colin Carroll

Wayne Chiu

Michael Farrar

Charron Ungar

Angela Wagster


Lauren Herschel

Harry Stepper


Note: As some donors have opted to give more than once (thank you!), the donation category in which they are listed reflects the total amount given by that individual over the course of the campaign.

Last updated: September 25, 2021