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Action Plan

  1. Have policies and processes in place that allow our city’s businesses to grow and thrive. We need to ensure that we as a City and a council are not creating unnecessary obstacles to success and growth for employers or community innovation.
  2. Ensure Calgary is viewed as competitive by potential investors (ease of doing business but also be a place people want to move to, live in and stay in)
  3. Develop policies and programs that promote inclusion (including accessibility) at City facilities, in housing, in economic development, city services, and fiscal policy. This will lead to long-term success of our residents and Calgary as a whole.
  4. Make sure the City is nimble and adapts quickly to market changes. Give businesses of all sizes as much predictability as possible. This will improve Calgary’s employment rates and in doing so help stabilize our economy.
  5. Focus on initiatives that will encourage new investment in Calgary through jobs, economic diversification (tech, research, energy, robotics, manufacturing etc) and community improvement.
  6. Provide support tools for local businesses currently experiencing hardship as a result of the recession and COVID-19 pandemic. 
  7. Work with the provincial government to reform the residential and commercial property tax programs so that they are a sustainable source of City operating cost funding, while not placing an unreasonable burden on homeowners and businesses.
  8. Explore other sources of recurring revenue to support necessary City initiatives and services.
  9. Continue to look for efficiencies in the operation and implementation of City services. Ensure that City departments are empowered to effectively adapt their processes quickly when needed to improve service levels to Calgarians more efficiently while reducing costs where possible.
  10. Review City financial processes to ensure funds are being accurately tracked and managed across all departments.
  11. Champion an achievable climate resiliency strategy for the City and Ward 11 (details coming soon). Maximize energy efficiency in City facilities.

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