Action Plan

  1. Be a business friendly city that encourages long term business growth across sectors through responsive policies, nimble processes and predictability. Support businesses currently investing in Calgary while also focusing on attracting new companies to the city.
  2. Responsibly invest in programs, services and projects (like the Green Line) that have a forecasted positive return on investment (economic and social) for the City, our communities and Calgarians. (Read more on that here)
  3. Proactively support initiatives that both benefit Calgarians today, but also make sure future Calgary has the infrastructure and amenities it needs to succeed. Projects need to be well managed, accountable and within budget.
  4. Champion an achievable climate resiliency strategy for the City and Ward 11 (details coming soon)
  5. Review and adapt city planning strategies to ensure they are inclusive, accessible, balanced, sustainable, and reflect the needs and diversity of all Calgarians.
  6. Look for cost effective partnerships and strategies to update aging infrastructure, improve amenities in established areas where needed and preserve key heritage assets.
  7. Collaborate with appropriate community and City partners to develop longer term solutions for socio-economic challenges including housing and food insecurity, mental health and addictions, systemic racism.
  8. Work with city administration to reduce barriers to grassroots community focused initiatives including recreation, arts and other amenities.
  9. Have a solutions-based City Administration that supports the vision, plan and goals for Calgary’s future by ensuring appropriate policies and process are in place. City administration should proactively identify where changes need to occur. 
  10. Ensure our most vulnerable populations are cared for.

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