For Calgary to continue to be successful, we need to adapt.

The 2021 municipal election is an opportunity for us as Calgarians, and as a city to move forward in a positive direction. We are a resilient and resourceful city with the ability and skills to turn things around. We can do this. We need the right leadership to get us there. Calgary deserves a council who will demonstrate that leadership by working together to address the most important challenges we are facing. We need a solutions-based council that will work hard to help Calgarians and Calgary businesses today while creating a strong vision and plan for our future. 

Council needs to take action and find new solutions.

As your Ward 11 councillor, I will have the courage to break away from how things have always been done and try a new path when necessary. Council isn’t always going to get things right (nor will I). When things don’t go as planned and we are not meeting the objectives or expected outcomes, I will have the confidence to admit that and find a better way to move forward. It is not about me; it is about what is best for our Ward and city.

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Economic Health:

We need to focus on not only taking steps to strengthen our economic health, but continue to look for ways to innovate, and run the City’s operations more efficiently. We need to ensure we have policies and processes in place that allow our city’s businesses to grow, while also attracting new, outside investment. Calgary must be competitive. We need to be a city that companies want to do business in, and with. We should be nimble and adapt quickly to market changes, and we need to be able to give businesses and organizations of all sizes as much predictability as possible. While we cannot control global economic impacts, we can ensure that we as a City and a council are not creating obstacles to success and growth.

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Our communities should evolve and thrive. This means having balanced, scalable and sustainable growth in both established areas and new communities. It also means we need to have choices in housing types, regardless of community or what stage of life you are in. This should include policies and programs that support creating complete communities, finding cost-effective ways to re-invest in aging neighbourhoods, and preserving key heritage assets. 

We also need to be a city where businesses thrive. Businesses should find Calgary reasonably affordable to open, operate and/or grow in. We need to have amenities that attract and retain a strong workforce including: arts, restaurants, entertainment and recreational opportunities.

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Investing in Calgary's Future

We need to invest in programs, services and projects with a forecasted positive return on investment (economic and social) for the City, our communities and Calgarians. The focus should be on initiatives (transit, amenities and infrastructure) that will encourage new investment in Calgary through jobs, economic diversification and community improvements. These investments must occur in both established areas and new communities. It is critical however that these projects must be managed in an effective and transparent way. It is important to address the needs of Calgarians today, while also making sure Calgary has the infrastructure and amenities it needs to succeed well into the future.

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Accountability and Transparency

Misinformation costs the City as well as residents time and money. It creates division between stakeholders and it can take longer for important decisions to be made, resulting in missed opportunities. It requires a large investment of time and budget in education and community engagement to correct. Council needs to speak out against misinformation and make sure that the public has access to the facts and data.

As your councillor, I will engage in open, transparent two-way engagement with stakeholders. We will not always agree but I will ensure you know how I came to my decision, and to the best of my ability give you access to the same information I used to inform my decision.

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